First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis



22099VIC First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis



Duration: 2 hours

Fees: $60

Description: This course includes information about allergic reaction (including administration of an Ana/EpiPen) and minimising the risk of exposure to allergens in children’s services.

Includes: workbook, materials, resources and certificate.


Covered in the course:

  • Understanding the physiology of a Severe Allergic Reaction
  • Recognising what can Trigger a Severe Allergic Reaction
  • How to Avoid Triggers
  • Recognising the difference between a Mild & Severe Allergic Reaction
  • First Aid Management of a Casualty suffering a Severe Allergic Reaction
  • How to deliver Adrenalin through an Epipen/Anapen and /or other prescribed Medication
  • Safe Handling, Storage and Maintenance of the Epipen/Anapen
  • Skills to write a workplace policy for Severe Allergic Reaction
  • Develop risk minimisation & management strategies for allergic reactions

Courses can be combined on the same day.


Workplace Training: training can be provided at Workplace (minimum 5 candidates)